mother and child playing outside

How to Hold Boundaries as a Parent (Hint: It’s Not Easy)

From the moment you announce you’re pregnant, the world has an opinion. And they want to share it.

I’m not just referring to people on social media, I’m talking about friends and family. Whether it’s well-intentioned or not, those closest to you (or those who think they are) suddenly feel free to spout a never-ending-flood of advice and opinions on your body, baby, and parenting style.

Sometimes, grandparents can be guilty of doing this the most. It gets old really fast (at least it did for me).

I recently wrote an article for Scary Mommy about how to handle overbearing grandparents. Does this resonate?

“We all want that healthy, happy, positive relationship with our baby’s grandparents. But sometimes we need help. Because there will be times of tension and moments of frustration. I can’t be the only one who has wanted to slap someone when they crossed a boundary with my child…right?

Here are some things I’ve learned as a new parent about how to set and stick to boundaries with my child’s grandparents. (P.S. Feel free to send this to your kid’s grandparents. Maybe it will help them see it from your perspective and, if they get upset, you can blame me.)”

If you’ve felt that tension and are looking for what to do next, keep reading.

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